This generation do not understand the horrible consequences and dangers of Premarital sex [Fornication] and extramarital sex [Adultery]. The Penis, Vagina ,Tongue and our Hearts are spiritual muscles greater than any other organ in the body. These muscles have brought disgrace, shame, trouble , disarray , despair , ”changed many giant nations to dwarfs” and paralyzed so many destinies. When we indulge in sexual immorality, we’re covenanted with the powers and curse running in each others lives spiritually. These are grievous sins with greater consequences due to generational curses and blood covenant embedded within. That’s why many lives are in shackles of great mess; disappointment, no marriage, divorce, barrenness, poverty, failure, setback and backwardness. Because of casual sex, Reuben lose his firstborn blessing [Genesis 49:3-4]. Many nations of this generation have lost the protection and directions from GOD because of sexual immorality [2 Chronicles 7:14].

We also have power in our words so is very important choosing words wisely. For out of the heart the mouth speaks [Luke 6:45]. With our tongues we either speak; life or death, victory or defeat, weakness or strength, insecurity or confidence and trust or doubt. Your words can teach, encourage and uplift. They can also discourage, reject and demean, express gratitude, love, and joy, express selfishness, hate and despondency. Whatever you say, you should be prepared to eat the fruit of your words [Proverbs 18:21].

Moreover, unforgiveness in our hearts is like ‘carrying unnecessary load as a soldier in a battlefield’. How can we march unrestricted and fight the enemy the devil with prayers? Our hearts, is a Spirit- a prayer room and the only contact point with our Sovereign LORD’ [Mark 11:25-26].

The devil is still using these muscles as his secret invisible weapons in spiritual warfare with terrible effectiveness. Because he knows; whenever we are captured and trapped ; it will only take the grace of GOD to deliver us; therefore he fights so hard to prevent us from reaching Jesus Christ who has ALL Power and Authority in heaven and on earth [Matthew 28:18].

When we stay away from sexual immorality, put on our whole Armour of God; pick up our swords [read Bible daily] and pray always in our hearts [Ephesians 6:10-19]; We resist the devil and he flees from us [James 4:7]. Breakthrough, Deliverance, Freedom, Peace and Salvation shall come in Jesus Christ name.

Amen Amen Amen.