The Writing on the Wall [Daniel 5]

What changed angels into demons? The simple answer is PRIDE! Our generation has chosen to worship ”modern day idols”.

Many nations have made laws against the principles of G-D with the deception of equality and love . Steve Jobs [US computer engineer & industrialist (1955 – 2011)] famously said “…round pegs in the square holes…” those who have ears listen.

For those reasons, G-d afflicted the Israelite’s with all kinds of trouble. HE did so for one purpose, to get them to return to Him. He did it out of LOVE [2 Chronicles 15:5-6].

The Holy Scriptures tells us in the book of Jacob [James] 3:1 that, “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers and sisters, since you know that we will receive a stricter judgment.” Prosperity Preachers Watch Out! Judgement is coming! Why distort the WORD to please this world? We are not part of this world have we forgotten? If you’ve not been called by the FATHER Adonai Elohim then REPENT NOW!, The G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a G-D of Now, He Acts Now, He Forgives Now, He Delivers Now- So stay away from sin Now!

I want to challenge all soldiers of Yahusha [Christ Jesus], to make connecting with G-D their goal. Consider 1 John 1:3, “What we have seen and heard we proclaim to you also, so that you too may have fellowship with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Yahusha.

” Amen, I tell you, G-d has given us a direct route through the Lord Jesus Christ, from whom we shall get the gift of eternal life and connection with the Father. He will walk us through this difficult season and deliver us to the other side.

However difficult things might be, let’s take a moment and reflect on our own life. We will come through this divine disruption stronger and better for the kingdom of G-d in Christ Jesus name.